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it's getting more clouded -- crowded in san francisco. no stalled vehicles up on that deck. it's coming up let's go back. we're still following several new pipeline developments in san bruno. this week, the coroner is expected to update the official death toll to 7. the the family recently announced it lost several loved ones in this tragedy. the natural gas that exploded in the pipeline was running at pressure above the maximum level. and the deadly explosion could end up changing how buildings are built near natural gas lines. in the meantime, ktvu's claudine wong could have more. we have been talking to people out here and they told us certainly the question of could this happen again weighs on their minds. pg&e is expected to release a list into areas of concern.
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and certainly people want to see that less. the question is, what are they going to do about that list? and that is still unclear this morning. now, san jose's mayor, chuck reed, said that the intersection of taz min and first is on the list. that's what he's been told by pg&e. and they are on this apparent list that could be released as early as today. but other than that, it doesn't appear the city has gotten much more. the city wants to make this list public. they have already made public areas of fremont, south san francisco, and livermore, that have been deemed high risk. but what this means in terms of an action plan, still not clear. and people we talked to this morning say they are worried. >> i would probably try to avoid those areas that are high risk. because obviously something bad happened once. and it is possible that it could happen in san jose. >> reporter: how much this list will actually tell us when it
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it is -- when it is finally released, we don't know. san bruno city manager said they have already been told that none of the pipelines in o this -- on this list are in their city, including the one that exploded. so we don't know what pg&e plans to do about the high-risk lines. we'll keep you updated all morning long. live here in san jose, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning, the young woman killed in the pipeline disaster, will be laid to rest. ♪ [ music ] ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ >> today's burial follows this very large weekend memorial service for 21-year-old jessica morales. she was an aspiring fashion designer who was watching football at her boyfriend's home when that pipeline blew up. her boyfriend was critically
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injured in that explosion. we will continue to follow the san bruno fire all morning long. and you can get updates any time by going to our website, grief counselors will be at novato high school this morning, as students return to class for the first time since a fellow student was killed in a car crash. a 16-year-old driver lost control while speeding along novato boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro joins us now with more on what students can expect this morning. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. there is a lot planned here today at novato high school. teachers will be meeting at 7:30 to learn strategies on how to help students deal with their grief. and the principal is going to lead a moment of silence during their morning announcements. this morning, there is a memorial to the teen who died at the accident. the teen has not been
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identified by a coroner. but it's clear that his classmates are confident of the child's identity. four other novato high school students, all male, were injured in the crash, including one who was described by a school authority in a published report as being in very critical condition. friday's accident, along novato boulevard, at bowman canyon creek, happened about 11:30 in the middle of the school day. a bmw, driven by one of the five novato students was going west. the car spun out of control and stopped, fai facing the eastbound direction. the car was then rear-ended by a big rig carrying thousands of pounds of cattle. police found several cans of open beer inside and outside of the car. an injury involved. could face more charges. in addition to that, police say the driver did not have a license. this morning, i'm going to be talking to some of the officials here at novato high school. i just spoke to a person who
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identified himself as an administrator. he was unable to talk to me. but he said he was trying to get a hold of the principal at the school so we could have a live conversation. >> time now, 6:04. just one hour ago, the bay area's first toll lane opened up. now, it runs 14 miles along interstate 6 agent, from -- 680, from pleasanton to milipitas. jade hernandez has a look at your morning commute. >> reporter: drivers need to keep in mind, when they use this new express toll lane, that they can only exit in two spots along that 14-mile stretch. that's two spots. and that's one of the learning curves the drivers will have this morning. we drove with caltrans officials and california highway patrol through the lane for the first time this morning. the lane opened at 5:00. the lane is designated by double white lines which keep drivers in the lane and out of it. the california highway patrol spokesman this morning told us they have a couple of patrol
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units specifically assigned the length of the new lanes, to make sure drivers take it slow out here. what do drivers need to also know this morning? this new system gives solo drivers the option to pay to drive with carpoolers in an express lane. it's the first-ever toll lane in northern california. but probably won't be the last. caltrans heads southbound 680 toll lanes, starting at highway 84 near sunol. and stretches south to 287 in milipitas. a flow of traffic determines drivers' cost, which could range from 30 cents to $6. >> there is a learning curve, no question. but the most important thing for drivers to keep in mind is that the lane is separated from the general purpose lanes by a double white lane. -- line. so you can't cut in and out like current carpool lanes. once in, you stay in until the designated exit points. and if you're not in, you can only get in at the designated
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entry points. >> we watched as last-minute computer tests were being done. the sensors over the toll lane will charge the driver's fastrak device. and that's another thing carpoolers would need to keep in mind. when they use the lane, it's free. but they have to make sure they put this transponder in its mylar bag or pull it down. otherwise they'll get charged. we're being told that it won't be picked up until 7:00 or sep:30. but-- 7:30. but that's not the case. sal, how does the rest of the bay area look? >> looks pretty good. as a matter of fact, we're going to take a look at some of these live pictures to show you that traffic on highway 4 still looks okay. although it is definitely getting more crowded all over the place, as we get into the 6:00 hour. bay bridge is beginning to develop a small backup here at the toll plaza. no problems getting into san francisco. also, this morning's commute is going to be okay. if you are driving onto the
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peninsula, southbound 101. traffic looking good all the way down the peninsula. if you are driving on 280, it also looks good in both directions. but there's a little fog out there, here and there. so just be aware of that. 6:07. here's steve. >> mainly san francisco, oakland south. more peninsula south. low clouds. and sunny, breezy. warmer. another little system rolling in. but it will give us a cooldown tuesday and wednesday. but all signs point toward pretty good warmup. until we get there, some of the rain heads pretty far north. st. helena. .12 in mill valley. and .08 with local local drizzle around as well. santa rosa, 72. we'll go 79 today. cool the city off. lose the cloud cover and get more of a west wind. walnut creek, rebound to 78. oakland didn't change a thing.
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and cool down more of a west wind instead of a southerly wind. stanford at 52. san carlos. berkeley up there as well. pleasanton and gilroy, checking in at 60 degrees. 32, tahoe. upper 40s. sacramento t57. -- 57. and today, a little warmer. high is transtory. this -- transittory. temperatures will come up about 3 to 6 degrees. after the low clouds. some clearing. but not completely. it will be mostly sunny. high pressure builds in for one day. and keeps on trucking out of here as that next system drops out of here. a little warmer. for some, slightly cooler than others. san jose coming down. upper 70s, low 80s and 60s and 70s in between. temperatures cool down tuesday into wednesday. and then looks like all systems go for a warmup. especially as we get towards
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friday and the weekend. 6:09 is the time. a purse natch snatching in oakland. the surprising victim and what was found after the acfact. and irepublican's president is in new york city this week. coming up, i'll have the latest on the pressure he's facing to release those two uc berkeley grads who have been detained in iran for more than a year. i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homeilder. my father brought me up to give back to societ.. felicia jackson promised h late sister that she would te care of her children. but she eded help. to get half a million pots to buy building materials to help build the jason family a new home. well, i know if my dad wastill around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told med wastill around, i's a no brainer and knew that from the start.
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it was an honor. booming is moving forward byiving back.
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good morning to you.
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welcome back. time now, 6:12. two uc graduates. ktvu's allison burns is in our wash of washington, d.c. bureau, with reaction from their families. good morning, allison. >> good morning to you. that's right. as iran's president arrives in new york for the united, there are fears that could be detained in iran as bargaining chips this. is a look at mahmoud ahmadinejad's meeting sunday with the u.n. secretary general. he has suggested the captured hikers could be traded for iranians in u.s. custody. the third, sarah shord was released yesterday and spoke out yesterday, pleading for the release of her fiance, shane bower, and friend josh vital. their moms are also in new york this week, trying to meet with iran's president. but they make it clear they don't want to be negotiators.
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>> we are not politicians, we are mothers and we want our children returned to us. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is also in new york for the u.n. summit. she is calling on ahmadinejad to, quote, make a very significant humanitarian gesture and release the two americans. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. >> mahmoud ahmadinejad is in the united nations for the general assembly. he challenged the united states to accept iran as a powerhouse. he also says iran has no intention of getting a nuclear bomb and that u.n. sanctions are not working. several world leaders attending the u.n. assembly are promising to donate more money to pakistan. this follows the largest disaster appeal asking them to
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raise $2 billion to help the flood victims. they are now said to be affecting at least 20 million people. the group overseeing this weekend's parliamentary elections in afghanistan says it has serious concerns over whether the votes are legitimate. allegations of vote fraud is being investigated now. afghan leader hamid karzai calls the ballot a solid success. the first vote counts will be made public in a couple of days, with full preliminary results expected in early october. back here at home, governor schwarzenegger will be missing a conference on border security today. he's staying at home to work on the state budget instead. the government says he is sending lieutenant governor abel maldonado. the conference is in new mexico. it will also focus on ecomic development and energy. arizona governor jan brewer and texas governor rick perry also will not attend.
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this morning, officers are investigating a purse snatching from an oakland city councilmember. they say on saturday night, someone approached mayoral candidate jane kwan and stole her purse. kwan was not hurt, and her purse, without the valuables inside, was recovered in the parking lot a short time later. earlier this month, council man de la fuente's home was burglarized in the fruit district. former president bill clinton is understanding why the tea party is gain momentum. >> the tea party insurrection, if you will, as you see in the republican primaries, reflects the feelings ever a lot of american -- of a lot of americans, that they're getting the shaft. >> the former president points out, though, that the tea parties party is ambiguous on some issues.
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but it remains to be seen whether it threatens democrats in the upcoming elections. as we understand, there is a toll plaza delay. it's growing. >> that's right. it is getting bigger now. that means we're getting into the heart of the commute. you can see from the last time we spoke, there is a delay now. and actually, by the next time we see this, if things go the way we're expecting them to, we will see the backup much farther. the earlier, the better. san francisco to the north. northbound 101 looking good. no major problems, getting up to the downtown area. and we continue to watch highway 101 and 280. and 101 near the airport looks good. and across the bay. and down into north bay, 101 traffic looks well. here's steve. on this monday morning. a lot of low clouds. kind of hither and yon in the north bay. a little more solid. once it burns off, sunny and a little warmer for some. but cooler for others.
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there goes our weekend system spinning out of the area. it's a weak one. but it will give us a cooldown on tuesday and wednesday. patchy, low clouds. it will pick up later on. 60s, 70s, low 80s. 56 now, san francisco will go for a high of 64. that's four degrees cooler than yesterday. reason being, the high clouds give way to more of the low clouds and wind. san rafael and napa, at 54. palo alto in town, 56. stanford at 52, though. patchy clouds. sunny. next system will work its way across. low clouds and sunny. also, slightly warmer for some. especially north bay and east bay. a little cooler for parts of the peninsula, south bay, and even some on the coast. clouds, sun, cooler. breezy. and warmer friday into saturday. today, toyota is expected to disclose details of a
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settlement in a high-profile car crash that led to the recall of millions of toyota products. toyota settled the lawsuit with the family of a chp officer who borrowed a car from a san diego lexus dealer, while his own car. car reached speeds of 120 miles an hour. and hewas unable to control it. >> the u.s. treasury department is looking for investors to buy some of its stock in general tors, and it's not going limit those to americans. the federal government owns more than 60% to gm after putting out federal bailout money. no comments on possible negotiations with chinese automakers to buy some of that gm stock. san francisco's school board, considering a plan for keeping current teachers in the schools. the plan would convert two properties into subsidized housing. the buildings could be turned into 130 apartments for teachers and their families. there's no vote scheduled on
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this yet. right now, almost a third of the district's teachers and three-quarters of all teachers' aides live outside of the city. this weekend, cleanup crews will begin cleaning up the debris. the county health department is concerned that the asbestos and other material could create a public health risk, even beyond the disaster zone. saint francis hospital in san francisco has an update on the four people recovering at the burn center there. doctors say they are all making slow but steady progress. three other patients are being treated at san francisco general hospital. there's word this morning of another mountain lion sighting. we'll tell you where it was and what people are being urged to do. and a bay area pipe bomb scare led to an evacuation and arrest. but one critical question still needs to be answered. good morning. traffic is moving well, getting up to highway 17 in the south bay. but there are already some slow spots. ♪
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i thought itas over here... ♪ our tback always gets us there... ..sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get ck. ♪ bay area bridge is looking good here. bay area bridge getting a backup. san mateo bridge traffic, moving along very nicely.
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now, let's go to the desk. time now, 6:23. 1400 homes have been evacuated in utah, as flames race toward a small community of herimman. 40-mile-an-hour winds push the fire into the valley. two have already been destroyed. the fire began during an artillery training session at a nearby national guard camp. those soldiers didn't have the equipment to put the fire out. the lake tahoe regional planning will have to decide whether to change or drop the plans to install piers, boat slips and ramps. didn't do enough to determine how the projects would affect the clarity of the lake. they also weren't sure how it would affect fish. a san anselmo mountain lion sighting. it was spotted on laurel avenue. police searched that area,
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didn't find anything. residents are being urged, keep your pets inside, between dusk and dawn. that's what mountain lions are most active. a parolee from danville is back behind ba this morning. he is accused of make -- accused of making pipe bombs and having bomb-making material inside his home. officers responded to a domestic violence call. they say they found three pipe bombs inside the man's home and materials to make a lot more. police then called in the bomb squad and evacuated the usually quiet neighborhood. >> not the kind of thing we want, obviously. we want this neighborhood to be safe. and we want families to feel safe. and it was it's a very unfortunate situation. >> 36-year-old eric is facing charges. at this point, authorities will only say the pipe bombs appear to be linked to a family argument. pg&e could release its list
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of the 100 highest-risk natural gas pipelines today. and the bay area's largest city is bracing for bad news. also. the big meeting this week that is certain to affect stocks today. pam will have all of the numbers.
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quell come back to the morning news. they are getting ready to ring the opening bell. a lot of talk about an extended rally. stocks up could be up for the fourth week in a row. and the federal reserve meets this week. that will have a lot to do with it. and overnight, most of the markets across asia and europe were all up. looks like a very good opening for us here on wall street. we'll get the numbers for you. >> those are pretty good numbers. >> yeah. we'll go ahead and say good
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morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morninnews, monday, september 20th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. we are following several developing stories including the pipeline explosion in san bruno. we want to take you live to the san bruno neighborhood this morning. this week, the coroner is expected to update the official death toll to 7. the bullis family announced it lost three loved ones in the tragedy. the natural gas that exploded was running at pressure above the maximum limit. the deadly explosion could change how buildings are built near natural gas lines. claudine wong joins us with word of a list that could be released today. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we are expecting that list of the top 100 high-risk area of pipeline to be released today. so we tracked down the mayor of
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san jose this morning. because we wanted to ask him what he was told by pg&e about this list. and about two intersections in san jose that are apparently on that list. he said basically, his staffers got a heads up yesterday that they were on the list. but other than that, he did not get a lot of information. and he, like the rest of us, is waiting for more information this morning. now, mayor reed says the staffers were told by pg&e that there are two intersections on the list. one is at first and tasmin. and another intersection is near the border of san jose and milipitas. now, that first and tasmin intersection, what we've learned about that one is that it is scheduled for repairs in 2012. but we're not clear what those repairs are. and we're not sure if being on this list means those repairs will be sped up. mayor reed says certainly the san bruno explosion has been on his mind since it happened and since this list, at least, is a step in the right direction. >> we're not getting much information.
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i'm not yet happy with what we've gotten. because we haven't received much information. and whether or not pg&e has information and has not released it, i don't know. we're working with them, trying to get information. and they're working furiously to collect information. and we're happy to see this list released. that's a step in the right direction. we're pleased to see that pg&e is putting information out there for the public and for us so we can take remedial actions if necessary. >> reporter: mayor reed says the most important information, though, will not be on this list. and he says that's the cause of san bruno. he said in order to really take an action plan, you need to know what caused that san bruno explosion. and of course, that still hasn't been determined. and san bruno city manager told the mercury news that they have already been told that none of their pipelines in the city are on this list of 100 high-risk areas. certainly that leaves a lot of questions. so this morning, we are focused on getting a look at this list. again, the top 100 high-risk
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areas of this pipeline. two of those areas are here in san jose. live in san jose, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. we'll continue to follow the san bruno fire and explosion throughout the morning. you can also get updates any time, by going to our san jose website. more and more drivers are using fastrak to cross bay area bridges. the number has more than doubled. almost 77% of morning drivers now use that device. in 2006, only 36% of drivers were using it on the bay bridge during the morning commute. on the seven bridges overseen by the metropolitan transportation commission, 68% of drivers are now using fastrak. you'll need fastrak if you plan to drive solo on the new toll lane of the 680. opens this morning and runs from pleasanton to milipitas.
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ktvu's jade hernandez will join us now. >> reporter: good morning. for a short period of time, extra california highway patrol officers will be going up and down this 14-mile stretch for this new express toll lane will be. they're going to be making sure drivers are making the transition. now, we're live off the auto mall parkway exit, off of i- 680. drivers down there need to keep in mind two things. there are only three entrances onto this 14-mile stretch of toll lane. off of highway 84 near sunol. just past washington boulevard, and south of auto mall parkway. plus, there are only two exits out of it. now, we drove with caltrans officials and the california highway patrol through the lane for the first time this morning. the lane opened at 5:00 a.m. this new system gives solo drivers the option to pay to drive with carpoolers in an express lane. caltrans has the southbound 680 toll lane, starting at highway 84 near sunol. and it stretches south to
6:34 am
highway 237 in milipitas. it's the first-ever toll lane in california. but it won't be the last. caltrans calls this a test to see if it works. there could be other toll lanes popping up. a flow of traffic determines the number of drivers. we strongly recommend that -- invest an extra 10 minutes. go online. and it will be an option. to see if you have the proper fastrak. >> reporter: we watched the last-minute computer tests being done in fremont last night. those sensors over the toll lanes will charge the fastrak device. carpoolers need to keep in mind that you can use it for free. but the one in my hand, you have to keep it in its mylar bag or take it down. otherwise, carpoolers, you'll be charged.
6:35 am
we're being told that they won't pull this up until 7:00, 7:30. we'll toss you to sal castaneda and ktvu's traffic center. >> reporter: not too bad, jade. we are getting more slowing here and there, though. let's go out and take a look at what we have with northbound 280. traffic is moving pretty well in downtown san jose, heading up into the valley. northbound 17 traffic looks good up and over the santa cruz mountains. and down into los gatos and into san jose. this is a look at the oakland commute. north and southbound. looking good. just after 6:30, not too bad. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see a backup. it's backed up beyond the 880 overcross. it's about a 10-minute cross here. we have some low clouds around. a little cooler. we lose the higher clouds. get more of a westerly breeze. a lot of low clouds and fog here. there's another system coming
6:36 am
across. it will be for tomorrow. you can see the low spinning as it moves out of the area. patchy clouds. more sun on monday. there's a lot of low clouds around. a little more south of san francisco. sunny and breezy. cooler on tuesday. it is looking much warmer as we head towards friday and the weekend. some of the rain, well, i walked right in front of it, didn't i? willits had a half inch of rain. cazadero. 15/100ths. and mill valley picked up .08. san francisco, 56. we'll go for a high of 64, which is actually 4 down from of the yesterday. i think because of the low clouds and wind. stanstanford says 52. san carlos, 55. upper 50s. berkeley at 58. and gilroy, 60 degrees. 32 in tahoe. upper 40s from yreka and uky a. 50s, 60s. this next one is not much. but it's going to be enough to
6:37 am
give us an increase on the fog tuesday into wednesday. but today, slightly warm. about 3 to 6 degrees for some. mainly north bay and east bay. i think they cool down a little bit. clouds. morning clouds. clearing. winds not much of a factor. low clouds, sunny and breezy. slightly warmer for some. not much. but upper 70s, low 80s. but a few areas, san jose, and parts of the peninsula are cooling down. cooler on tuesday. across the board. and we'll see transition day wednesday. high pressure says i'm coming in. i'm on my way. and that will carry us into thursday. it does look warm to maybe even hot as we get into the weekend. red lights and sirens made real police officers pulling you over. we'll tell you about a disturbing case that centers on the man you see in this mug shot. and why there's likely to be an outpouring of emotion. three days after a deadly accident, involving five students from the high school.
6:38 am
good morning. if you're driving on the bay area bridges. so far, so good. although things definitely getting more crowded. more traffic and weather straight ahead.
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good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following now at 6:30.
6:41 am
sarah shord is pleading for the release of the other two remaining in iran. for now, the u.s. reportedly has no plans of making a deal. pg&e will release a list of the 100 most dangerous natural gas pipelines. and governor schwarzenegger is sending lieutenant governor abel maldonado to represent california at a meeting with other governors today. governor schwarzenegger will be working on the budget which is now almost 3 months overdue. grief counselors will be at novato high school, as students return to class for the first time since a deadly accident involving five students. investigators say the driver lost control, while speeding along novato boulevard.
6:42 am
ktvu's kraig debro has new information on what is being done to help students and parents. >> good morning. none of the staff members from started to arrive here at novat hoe high school this morning. and there are a lot of plans for this first difficult day back at school. none of the staff members we spoke to said they could speak with us on camera. teachers will get instructions on how to deal with student grief. grief counselors will be available for every student today at the school. on friday night, a candlelight vigil was held at the scene of the crash. the man who organized that is also here this morning. friday night's accident, long novato boulevard, at bowman canyon creek, happened about 11:30, in the middle of the school day. and according to the bell schedule on the school's website, at the time of the crash, it would have been about
6:43 am
fifth period. the 16-year-old driver of the bmw involved was traveling west on novato boulevard. the car spun out of control and stopped facing the eastbound direction. this morning, they will be doing something to help parents through this difficult time. >> i'm just the uncle of a student who goes to high school. and i'm here for parents who want to come and pray for the kids before school starts, between 6:00 and 7:00. >> reporter: the driver of that vehicle, police said, did not have a license. was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk. but given the injuries involved here, could face serious charges. coming up on mornings 2, we are told the principal is going to address the media. so i'll have some of that for you on mornings on 2. reporting live from novato, kraig debro,ktvu channel 2 news. last night, about 100 people attended a candlelight
6:44 am
vigil at the scene of the crash. the accident happened about 3:00 saturday morning, on shuty road, west of lammers road. the teenagers' car flipped into an irrigation canal. two of the victims were brother and sister. cassandra and robert biddic. >> vi -- i have a picture of them sleeping together as a child. who knew they were going to lay together at the end? >> the other two teenagers killed are chris hoovler. the teens were celebrating their last night together before carol left for college at uc davis. bp's blownout oil well is now officially sealed. almost five months to the day, after that oil rig explosion that killed 11 people. but louisiana residents say they're now left to clean up for years to come. >> you hear people saying that the oil has been picked up. it's over. the spill is finished. it's not finished. we still have a lot of oil left
6:45 am
here to pick up. bp has set aside billions of dollars to compensate those affected by the oil spill. meanwhile, 33 workers trap underground. and the coal mine in chile may have to wait to be rescued. saturday, engineers punched a new hole down to the men. you can see them down there. but it will still take weeks to widen the shaft enough to pull the men out. three smaller holes have been dug now to send them food, water, and medical supplies. members of religious sect reported missing in southern california over the weekend say the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding. now, the 13 members of the group were found safe around noon yesterday, praying at a palmdale park. authorities say the group went missing on saturday, leaving behind evidence that it was awaiting the rapture. a search was launched amid fears of a suicide pact. but members insist that was not the case. the group's leader has been
6:46 am
hospitalized for a mental evaluation. time now, 6:45. investigators in santa cruz county want you to take a good look now at a picture of a suspect who is in custody now. police in scottsdale -- scott valley say 13-year-old akyra kelly has been impersonating a police officer. they say he sinstalled a siren -- installed a siren and flashing lights on an old police car he bought over the internet. brentwood police are looking for a suspicious man who has been approaching teenagers on sunset park on sunsets road. they say they have received reports about an older, thin, latino man, asking teenagers inappropriate questions at soccer games. it happened on saturday and the weekend before that. police want to hear from anybody who has any information about this. all-state insurance has released its annual list of the nation's safest cities for drivers. in the bay area, out of 193
6:47 am
cities across the country, hayward ranked 122nd. san jose ranks 131. sunnyvale came in at 143. fremont, 152. oakland was the 153rd safest city to drive in. san francisco, 185. now, analysts looked at damage claims over two years to come up with those rankings. the safest city to drive in, by the way, fort collins, colorado. >> very interesting. time now, 6:47. hey, salt, how -- sal, how do we rank as far as commutes this morning? >> i would give the commute today a lot of ranking. thank you for the question. and i'm happy to give a passing grade to the commute. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. this is 680, fremont. the new commute. you see see it there, separated by the two white lanes. carpoolers can use the lane for free. but if you are a single driver, you have fastrak, you can use the lane for a charge.
6:48 am
it will be interesting. dave is out there to see what the charge is. there will be adjustment period for drivers. certainly it will ease congestion. we're hoping for that. bay bridge is backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute delay. and this morning's commute on the northbound 101, looks pretty good if you're driving up the peninsula or down the peninsula. so far, so good on the 101. and on 280. 6:48 now. here's steve. >> happy monday, everybody. system made it but didn't. north of the san francisco, oakland vallejo line. there was light rain south of that. but first of the season. and at least it did make it with a lot of cloud cover. not much sun. and left behind a lot of low cloud. fog is a factor, along with low clouds. some of the rain, up towards willits, not towards willits, right at willits.
6:49 am
15/100th. pointsz 08 from our little system there. and temperatures today. now, for some, they'll warm up. santa rosa, 72. they'll get more of a west wind. and fog. not the high clouds. and a little south wind. walnut creek, rebounding from 73 to 78. oakland didn't change a thing there. and a little more of a west/northwest breeze is why. 50s and 60. san jose. everyone is close. palo alto, 56. that's closer to town. actually closer to airport. town. stanford itself at 52. napa at 54. 30s in the mountains. tahoe, truckee. and 50s and 60s, you go down to the coast. low clouds seem to be regrouping. you can see the system yesterday. spinning out of the area. next system to the left of your screen will be in here tomorrow. it is weak, but it will give us
6:50 am
a cooldown. the system is moved out. but a.m. clouds, morning clouds, will give way to sunshine for most. fog seems to be a little thicker. and a little warmer for a few. but slightly cooler further. low clouds, sunny. breezy later on. temperatures won't go up that much. upper 70s, and a lot of 70s in between. 60s by the coast. tomorrow will be cooler. we'll carry that into wednesday. and a big rebound for warmer weather, friday into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. today, wal-mart is expected to announce it is expanding the number of stores that use solar energy. wal-mart already has 31 stores in california and hawaii that has solar facilities and it is expected to add more in california and arizona in the next year. that would make wal-mart one of the biggest commercial institutes using technology in the u.s. let's check in on wall street, now that the markets are open here in the u.s. as expected, numbers are higher.
6:51 am
so far. dow jones up almost 21 points. we take a live look on the new york stock exchange. that follows gains overnight in asia and this morning in europe. and the big news will come probably from the federal reserve this week. but analysts are expecting a bit of a rally to continue. >> great. there's a new report that is out that shows some of the state's highest-paid city administrators are here in the bay area. we'll tell you where they work and just how much money they made. and the battle heats up over crucial budget cuts in the bay. the crime fighting that has been eliminating. -- eliminated. and getting crowded in many spots around the bay area. we'll update the morning commute.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
time now, 6:54. let's go to tori now. >> coming up in minutes, we'll be live along the bay area's first express lane that just opened less than two hours ago. but the height of the commute is just about to get under way. we'll see how traffic is flowing. and some important dos and don'ts for drivers in that area. the scene of the gas explosion in san bruno will begin to change this week. these are live images of that devastation. we'll explain why these changes are happening and the health
6:55 am
concern that goes beyond this disaster zone. is it a miracle to feed the hungry and save the environment? or case of frankenfish. this morning, they are considering approval of genetically-engineered salmon. back to you on the morning news. time now, 6:54. san jose police union wants the anti-gang unit to be restored after it was eliminated after budget cuts. union officials gathered at this parking lot yesterday. that's where a 12-year-old boy was shot in the head by suspected gang members last halloween. now, although the boy survived, union leaders are warning of deadly consequences from cutting that anti-gang team. >> the majority of homicides in san jose are gang-related. we simply will not have the resources to address gangs today like we did yesterday. >> san jose mayor chuck reed says by transferring the anti-
6:56 am
gang officers officers to patrols, the cities should still be able to fight gang violence. and he adds, the cuts were necessary to be able to pay for the police union's high-pension benefits. a nap napa man who lost his footing at fort ross state park is recovering from a difficult rescue. 24-year-old orlando slipped off the bluff. rescuers were unable to use a helicopter because of the fog. so they hauled them out with ropes. it took about three hours. orlando was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. he was hiking to the water with two friends in search of abalone. let's go right to sal, see what's happening at the toll plaza. >> it's getting busier. and coming up on mornings on 2, we'll be following the toll plaza and all of the busy commutes. but that's at least a delay. looks good. we have another expanded traffic report coming up on mornings on 2. now, a quick look at the weather. >> thank you, sir. we have a lot of fog.
6:57 am
in fact, a lot of that wasn't there hours ago. in fact, fog will give way to mostly sunny skies. more in the fog category, 70s, upper 70s. a few low 80s. back to pam and dave. >> thank you, steve. in the wake of the recent salary scandal in the city of bell, state attorney general jerry brown is reviewing all local salaries of more than $300,000. some of those are here in the bay area, including san ramon city manager who makes nearly $360,000. livermore city manager and danville city manager also make more than $300,000 a year. well, a custom designed motorcycle, signed by president obama, is about to be auctioned off in vegas. take a look at this bike. it was built by hard core choppers of sterling, virginia.
6:58 am
it has a 6-seed -- six-speed transmission. proceeds will benefit fisher foundation, they offer free housing for military families who have a military member being treated at the hospital. we have new details on the list of the 100 highest-risk natural gas pipelines here in the bay area. >> we spoke about the dangerous pipelines. we'll bring you a live report
6:59 am

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